Who is Christen?

Raised in San Antonio, Texas, Christen Vasquez has made no shortage of contributions towards our wonderful city both professionally and charitably.  After earning her Bachelors of Science Degree in Corporate Communications from The University of Texas, she quickly put it to good use.  Christen honed her skills in on the hospitality industry serving both the greater Austin and San Antonio areas before launching her own company, Get Christened. Christen is a nationally Certified Destination Management Professional. In 2014, Christen was honored with the Texas Star Award for Best Corporate Event. Get Christened not only focuses on producing memorable events and weddings, but helping San Antonio’s small to medium business with marketing, branding and PR.

 As Christen became know as one of San Antonio’s premier consultants, she never forgot to give back.  Christen currently serves on the Board of Trustees for South Central Texas Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and has been active member since 2011. Since 2012, Christen has been an active member of the North Chamber of Commerce serving on the Gala Committee and is a 2014 Leadership Lab Graduate in which she currently serves on the Alumni Board.

Christen currently reigns as the 2015 Duchess of the Riverwalk and believes in using her crown for a cause! In her reign she has continued to give back by raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, visiting and speaking at community schools, hospitals and nursing homes. In the final two weeks of the race for 2016 Riverwalk Royalty, Christen decided to join the campaign for another opportunity to raise money for her precious Riverwalk and to continue to use her crown for a cause!

What is Get Christened?

Get Christened is the brainchild and the “made-to-life” idea of Christen Vasquez. Christen is a certified Destination Management Company Professional in the USA and has been awarded by several bodies as an event planner. Get Christened’s uniqueness in design, planning and branding strategies for events has got her clients saying “Let’s just get Christen to do it!”.

With 10 years experience in the hospitality industry, Christen launched Get Christened, specializing in events, design, marketing, branding and PR. Regardless of the complexity of ideas, she can deliver a unique experience for her clients and have that eye for detail in creating custom plans depending in your needs.

Getting to know your story is part of her process in order to develop the best marketing campaigns and branding strategies for your event. She is a go-getter and plays on different kinds of events may it be weddings, nonprofit events and others.

Her ultimate goal is to create a series of stories and memories for her clients and produce a multifaceted campaign to promote the brand and get the desired attention. Her style is on point and trendy specially in fashion, fitness, lifestyle, digital space and hospitality.

Get Christened a.k.a Brand Builders, Creatives, Storytellers, Producers – whatever the name or how you want to call it, we do it with excellent taste!